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Hope Diamond & NuSoul Orchestra.

It never occurred that Hope Diamond, then Hope Deans, a young 20-year-old female officer would be raddling to a different kind of keys once retired from the Criminal Justice System after climbing the promotional ladder with 20 years of service on the line in California’s notorious penal system as a Supervising officer. This was around the era our new Vice President Kamala Harris entered the California Justice System to do the same, Change lives!

Hope then began her musical journey climbing another ladder with keys in the field of entertainment as a jazz singer. She has traveled and toured throughout the region and different countries performing with different cultures and now after those 20 more years performing and more recently a vocalist in the Paul McDonald 17-piece Big Band, it was an awakening that it was her time to lead her own Big Band Orchestra. Sassy, entertaining and dynamic was always her way, which is what makes up this great performer who now has introduced her own Big sound that moves the soul. The dynamic, newly formed ” Hope Diamond NuSoul Orchestra!”

As a resident of California residing in Palm Springs, Hope has launched her new band with flair made up of some of the best in musicians from Los Angeles to the desert who really know how to grove and is now available 2021 for concerts, galas, and special events.
Please consider having the Hope Diamond NuSoul Orchestra for your upcoming affair in the future. It will be a wonderful nite of song that will have you moving and bring another level of excitement to the affair. Also, her band can be large or intimate, strings or swing, Nothing is impossible in music!


As a contralto with a rich mellow voice, Hope has always had a sultry style about her and has lent her voice to some wonderful background work for gospel recordings and standards when not performing. She can cross over to pop or jazz, Motown or swing, gospel or rock and a little bit of country when requested. She loves it all.